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What is a funeral plan?

Simply put, a funeral plan is a means of arranging your funeral before you need it. 

A plan allows you to put in place the essentials of a funeral, and can also help arrange the more emotional aspects of the day, to make things easier for those you care about.


What are the benefits of a funeral plan?

There are multiple benefits of having a funeral plan. Just some of these are: 

As you are buying in advance, if prices rise, you could save yourself and those close to you money. 
You can arrange the funeral in advance, so you know that your wishes are in place (You can even choose what music you want). 
It eases the process for those you leave behind, allowing them to focus on grieving, rather than finances and difficult arrangements. 

Just one phone call at the time of need and your plan can be put into action. 


Which funeral director will I use?

The funeral director you are placed with will depend on your area and their availability, however if you have a preference this can certainly be looked into and considered.


What happens if I pass away early?

This varies depending on what type of plan you decide to take out. Some plans will cover you in full in the event of early death, some may require the remaining balance to be paid, so that the funeral can go ahead smoothly. 

Regardless of which plan you decide to choose, it's almost always better to have something in place, than nothing.


Can I take out a plan for someone other than myself?

In many instances it is possible to take out a plan for someone else. We recommend filling out the enquiry form as accurately as you can, and then when you are placed in contact with a plan arranger, explain your needs. They will then try to meet your requirements to the best of their ability.


How long can I take a plan out for?

The length in which you can take a plan over depends on which plan you decide to go with. Some have longer terms than others. 

Many people take out their plans over longer durations, and then chip away at the costs, paying them off early. 
Some people choose to pay for their plans in full. 

Full details will always disclosed when you are looking at a specific plan, however the payment terms are often quite flexible to meet peoples individual needs.


What if I move house?

If you move house, in most cases your plan will simply move with you. All you need to do is inform the plan provider of your change of address and they will look at which funeral directors are available within your area. 

Depending on the provider and plan you choose, there may be a small fee to  make your amendments, however full terms regarding this will be disclosed by the plan provider. Some Funeral Plan Providers do not charge any fee for this service.


What happens if my Funeral Director retires?

If the funeral director on your plan were to go out of business or retire, the Funeral Planning company would contact you and provide you with the options available. Depending on your location and plan, this may be as simple as switching you over to another director in your area.


What happens if I pass away abroad?

Most UK funeral plans do not cover you in other countries, however we always recommend taking out travel insurance that includes transportation of the deceased back to the UK. 

In this case, once your return to the UK, the funeral director would collect you from the airport you land at.