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Key benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan

  • Reassurance for your loved ones
  • Allow your family peace to grieve by removing the significant expenses associated with funeral costs
  • Plans placed with local independent funeral directors where possible
  • Straightforward and simple to set up
  • No medical checks required

Saving you money, and your family from worry

The passing of a loved one is one of the most traumatic events a person can ever experience but the compassion and professionalism of a funeral director can help to make the most difficult of times just that little bit more bearable.

About Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Death is a subject that few people like to talk about, but unfortunately, is a conversation that needs to be had at some point in everyone's lives. Whether for yourself or a loved one, there will be an inevitable discussion that will need to take place with regards to funeral planning and provisions. As part of our service, our trusted provider will take a look at your funeral requirements, explain the available options and present the options suitable to you.

As you would expect, most people don't really start to think about funeral planning until they absolutely have to and are often shocked at what the price of one can amount to.

Today, basic funeral costs average £40001 , with the actual cost of dying (professional fees, flowers & catering) averaging an eyewatering £92632. Luckily, many are now turning to pre-paid funeral plans as an effective means to help eliminate unnecessary stresses when grieving the passing of a loved one. TFLI Limited trading as Plan For Later Life operate as a lead generator, we do not provide any advice.

What Is A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

As the name suggests, a pre-paid funeral plan is a plan that is paid either as a lump sum or via monthly instalments, to cover funeral costs in advance.

Anyone over the age of 50 is eligible and some companies will also take on those of a lower age, although terms and costs may differ slightly.

The packages are also generally flexible. Some will include an entire package, hearse hire, administration fees etc, whereas others will just cover the most basic of services. This way you can choose exactly what you want to happen when the day comes.

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans?

1) Prices Are Fixed

Undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan is that by having one, ensures that the price of your funeral is fixed at today's rates, from the moment that the plan is taken out. Irrespective as to whether funeral costs double (or triple) in the future, your rates will remain the same.

2) They Can Stop Loved Ones from Being Taken Advantage of In A Time of Distress

When dealing with the passing of a loved one, it can be extremely traumatic and as a result may lead to rash decision making. This can leave you to fall prey to less than satisfactory funeral deals. With a pre-paid funeral plan, that won't ever be a concern.

3) Stops Any Cash Flow Problems

Even if the one who has passed has left money specifically for this reason, there may be issues with accessing this money or it may not be enough to cover costs. Although banks do have bereavement policies in place, it can still be difficult to get what is needed to cover funeral costs. With a pre-paid funeral plan, you won't need to access any additional funds as the essential costs will already be covered.

4) They Are Exempt from Inheritance Tax

Nice and easy there, meaning that your loved ones won't be faced with any additional costs (especially if your estate is liable). On top of that, they are not included in any care home assessments.

5) Over 50s Require No Medical Underwriting

This means that if you have any pre-existing conditions, providers cannot discriminate against you on those grounds.

How Much Does One Cost?

There's no real set price when it comes a to a pre-paid funeral plan.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you're looking for a complete, no expenses spared plan, then naturally you're going to end up paying a little more than someone who requires a more basic package.

Each provider will also have unique benefits and features which will naturally vary in price.

The easiest way to find out exactly how much it will cost is by taking our absolutely free of charge, no obligation assessment below. To start, simply click the button and answer a few quick questions.